Artie Tobia close up
“This man can write some stories. Yes. That being said Artie Tobia has the expressive qualities in his voice that can only come from knowing he is singing his songs, his way. The Parade has a diverse mix of country-folk, rockers, some R & B and a swingy blues number.” that quote from Alternate    Country.com about Artie from his first release The Parade captures the consistency of career twenty plus years in the making. He is a storyteller, with a voice, that easily and comfortably navigates musical styles. Tobia blends those elements of musical styles such as blues, rock, folk and country to inventively create his own brand of roots rock, known as Blue Jeans Rock. Amidst a tireless performance schedule that has averaged 200 nights a year for past 22 years across a variety of venues.He has released four albums with a fifth on its way for late summer of 2018.

Since he began creating his own songs he has connected to fans with new music that honors those artists who influenced him. His catalog of over 100 songs offers something for most everyone.”If there were a time warp, these guys would easily be sharing a stage with all those British and West Coast bands. Perhaps they’re a bit too mellow for the likes of Led Zeppelin, but Bill Graham would have loved them.” said Robert Barry Francos in The Quiet Corner Best of 2008 article, referring to Tobia’s second album Still In the Way.

Artie Tobia Evolution

“My writing took a turn on Chase The Sun.” says Tobia. “I really worked on my craft and continue to do so to this day. The semi auto-biographical tale of the Vagabond told over thirteen musical chapters took a lot to pull together. It also elevated my writing moving forward” he continued. It would seem there was agreement about his assessment of that work. as stated by novelist and fan Mark Damon Puckett. ” In listening to Chase the Sun, a clever musical (and metaphorical) journey of the Vagabond…I thought I was in a vocal dream. Tobia’s voice has always had a gravitas and raspy beauty to it, but on this album the storyline carries us through something that is thematically significant too.

New confidence and continued work on his craft paid off as Tobia released Aberdeen receiving a strong reception from fans, critics and the radio world. Aberdeen reached #13 on AAA/AMA APD Chart,debuted at #15 on the F.AR. Chart and also made it onto the Alternate Root 66 Chart. These national radio charts as well as some other acknowledgments like, Top Ten Song of the Week Alternate Root Magazine, Track of the Week on the Troubadour Show (internationally syndicated program) and CD of the month Pick from Thomas Greener of KVMR in Los Angeles, among others, opened a lot of doors and opportunities for Tobia.

His fifth CD Driven looks to capitalize on the foundation and success of all four previous records and perhaps gain him some of the industry recognition he seems to be driving toward.

Tobia says “Much like the Vagabond, if you want to know who I am? Listen to my lyrics. I am right there hiding in plain sight. See if you can figure out who I am, what I am talking about through the characters and the stories. See if you can tell the truth from my occasional departure from the truth.
See if you don’t find yourself in the songs and stories, in a specific line, a name, a place. Isn’t that what a song is supposed to do? Create a dialogue between the song and the listener? Transporting us back in time, whenever we hear it, to that moment we heard it the first time. I want to touch you with my lyric… make a difference.

In those words there probably is a truth as Alex Halperin of the Standard Star said about him, he writes “…deeply personal songs… describing moments of American realism such as those sung by Bruce Springsteen.