Driven single Phoenix hits #16 on national radio chart!

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When you create a new album there a lot of moving parts. Believe it or not the making of the record is the easy part compared to some of the other work that needs to be done. In particular post production decisions have to be made about how to get the word out around the record to create industry attention, generate sales, book shows, interviews for TV/radio (podcasts), interest fans and in the process the slight pressure of making sure they are the “right” decisions. It is very satisfying to have started our national radio campaign back in September, prior to the release of Driven, with Phoenix the first single. Phoenix is a song that grabs you in the first thirty seconds with a doo wop style intro that slips into inspiring lyrics about perseverance, determination and grit all while keeping it fun!

I am happy to share that it climbed to # 16 on the AMA /APD National Radio Chart which is more of an industry insider chart driven by the interest of the DJ’s who are picking the songs to play. I am always amazed to see who I am sharing the chart with and in this case I am chasing Roseann Cash, Hal Ketchum and Rodney Crowell among others. Cool!

Now I will soon be needing your interest and support when Driven is released in early December (though if you cant wait you can get your pre-release copy now) and is made available in digital or physical format depending on your preference. In the meantime Phoenix at #16 is cool but I have higher hopes for Shine on Baby the second single dropping in January.


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