“Get on your favorite pair of worn blue jeans and boots. Put the top down on your classic car with the tunes of this Roots Rock Americana artist cranked up to your delight. Then…just drive towards the sun!”

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“Gave me the sense of … sitting on a dock, drinking a beer, having a hamburger along the coast somewhere”. ~ Greg Tutwiler Americana Rhythm Radio

“Aberdeen, is his best to date. Artie just writes good songs with a country, folk, rock flavor. On the title cut Aberdeen he sounds like a country-tinged Springsteen. ~ Jim Clark, The Lee County Courier

“The kind of CD you want to pop in your car and just drive.” ~ J. Cherry, WESU Radio DJ, Voice of the City

“Aberdeen is a good album of strong music. Faces Of War hits like a fencepost through a windshield…You’ve got something good going on, I think.” ~ Curt Phillips, WEHC-FM, Emory, VA


According to Indie Guru, “Artie Tobia may come from New York, but he has that Down South essence to him that screams “true American music.” Bringing us his latest album Aberdeen, you might notice some very familiar aspects to his voice.…a little bit of nostalgia for those that have lived through the 1970s. Hey, even if you haven’t, there’s definitely something here that you can enjoy. There’s a uniqueness to this one that’ll make you want to walk the downtown streets of Los Angeles past midnight. (Deep down I think I’ve always wanted to be a spy walking around to really mysterious music.) Artie Tobia is churning out some of the best, most thoughtful bluesy Americana you’re going to find”.

The characters he writes about live on in your memory long after the song, as he skillfully crafts his lyrics around people, places and emotions that we all have lived.

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