Driven single Phoenix hits #16 on national radio chart!

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When you create a new album there a lot of moving parts. Believe it or not the making of the record is the easy part compared to some of the other work that needs to be done. In particular post production decisions have to be made about how to get the word out around the […]

Supporting Poco was a blast!

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It was truly an honor to share the stage with Poco on October 12 at the Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck NY. They are really a treasure having maintained their career over forty years. Rusty Young was just so nice as was his wife Mary. The coolest part of the night for me was how crisp […]

New Album “Driven” is set for release

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  I am excited to have my fifth album DrivenĀ all completed and ready to go. It is my first real venture in producing. The first thing I did was get the studio. Then I got the musicians lined up. From there it just flowed. In two days we captured 13 new songs that jump out […]

Remembering 9/11 God Bless America

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I remember clear as day that morning seventeen years ago. The first report was of a plane flying into the World Trade. I think everyone including myself assumed it was small craft, inexperienced pilot not a big deal. Then as it unfolded it became more surreal. I have barely spoken a word about these events […]

7th Annual Middletown Music Festival

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I am truly excited and looking forward to being a part of the performance schedule at the 7th Annual Middletown Music Festival this coming Saturday August 4, 2018 at 12:30 pm. I have a very special solo set I have put together just for the festival. If you want to take a ride or are […]

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