First He Was my Father


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My sister uncovered this picture recently. She got it cleaned up and sent it yesterday. Click the link below for the song. The lyrics are below. Enjoy! First He Was My Father I was talking to my father shrouded by a clear blue day                       […]

Matchbox, Hot Wheels and My First Love

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When I was a kid one of my favorite things to play with was my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I was fascinated with them and I imagine it is a reflection of my lifelong love of cars. I still have everyone of them. The orange track we raced them on was forever being set […]

Poco with Artie Tobia

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Mamaroneck, NY POCO These country rock pioneers found platinum success early in their career, and four decades later Rusty Young, who wrote and sang the massive hits “Crazy Love” and “Call It Love,” still leads this incredible band. Other hits include, “Heart Of The Night,” Spellbound,” “Keep On Tryin’” and “Good Feelin’ To Know”. Poco […]

I Spent the Night in Jail

The night in jail

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For 15 years I did time performing in a weekly residency in Greenwich Connecticut, where all the beautiful people live in great big beautiful houses. Week after week we played, month after month, year after year. We made many memories and gained friends along the way! But… One cold wintery night in December I found […]

Butterflies are like Musicians

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I took this picture of that butterfly while I was waiting to start playing at a gig. It just came up next to me and landed right there. I wondered if it wasn’t waiting for me to take the picture as it sat perfectly still as I took my phone out, it got me thinking. […]

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