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I am always grateful for the interest and support of my music. Your purchase of my album ABERDEEN means so much to me. I hope you enjoy it and find connection in the songs. Every purchase validates my spirit and keeps me going in the pursuit of my dream. Your purchase is like a gift to me that will feed my drive to continue furthering my career as an indy artist. Thank You!

I want to reciprocate your generosity by making a special offer to give you my early catalog, that is three albums. THE PARADE, STILL IN THE WAY and CHASE THE SUN are like my first children I am proud of each one of them equally.  I have a certainty you will enjoy them as well. Normally they would be $45 if you purchased them at a live show. I am willing to give them away for $21, that is over 50% discount. It includes 36 songs, which is really like getting one album for free!

To me it is a “no brainer” to give that much music at that discount price to you, as a way to say THANK YOU!

I guess I’m saying it seems to me like a “fair and reasonable offer” for both of us!

You will get in the box set:

  • The Parade  – “It’s a very fine CD with a lot of superb songs like Mercy Wright, The Parade, Time We Spent in Memphis, Sam’s Song, Fifty Dollar Bill and more..There are many influences like Americana, Roots, Country, Blues and Southern”                                                                               ~Joachim Domrath
  • Still in The Way – “Still in the Way” is solid Blues-based rock (aka “Classic Rock”), with a strong guitar, smoky vocals, and plenty of wail, both vocally and musically”.                                  ~ Robert Barry Francos
  • Chase The Sun “There’s just something golden about Chase the Sun.”                                             ~ Mark Damon Puckett


I hope you will consider this offer for you to pick up my entire catalog.

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Here is what  you will get in the “Fan Only Box Set”

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